There is nothing that I love more than when I receive little love notes from my clients. Hearing how much they loved their experience, how our time together has reshaped the way they feel about their bodies and how being in front of my camera has given them a confidence boost fills my heart. It is a privilege for me to share their images and stories with you.

Basalt Colorado Boudoir Testimonial.jpg

“I booked a boudoir shoot with Sarah as a wedding gift for my husband-to-be. I knew that Sarah was The Photographer to choose, because her photos capture the unique personality and beauty of each woman with whom she works. Sarah has an adventurous and creative spirit, and she invited all my ideas to make my shoot one of a kind. She offered great suggestions to tailor my session to my husband’s love of baseball and my vision to shoot outside in the wildflowers with a mountain backdrop. You can tell she’s in her element when she’s behind her camera—she was joyful and energetic as she coached me into poses. My nerves and jitters quickly faded as she’s a natural at helping you relax and feel comfortable in your own skin and lingerie. I couldn’t love my album more: the photos are a mix of beautiful, classy, romantic, flirty, and sexy and sometimes I think, “is that really me?!” It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that every woman deserves—not only for the lasting photos but for the experience to feel glamorous and confident.”  - Mrs. Z

“I expected I would be a little nervous or even awkward during my session, but was not at all! It was a blast! Sarah is so warm and inviting, she put me at ease (it's not every day that you strip down to your "underwear" with someone!) and made it a fun experience that truly allows a person that is plus sized like myself to enjoy and embrace her body! Sarah was down to earth and personal than photographers I've worked with in the past and my photo shoot gave me a major self confidence boost!" - Mrs. G

“Sarah did an amazing job. Before being photographed by her I hated pictures of myself. I did a couple photo shoots growing up and I just never liked the way I looked. It really killed my confidence. Now that I am 9 months pregnant that confidence is still no where to be found. With gaining weight and stretch marks it is really hard to feel pretty these days. After seeing all the pictures Sarah took I almost started crying because I looked so beautiful. Stretch marks, a belly and all and she made me look stunning. Not only did she make me look stunning, but the whole photoshoot she constantly made me feel comfortable and like I was doing an amazing job. Aspen was a long drive but completely worth it to feel as beautiful as she made me feel. Thank you Sarah for being so amazing!” - Mrs. M

“Sarah, he loved it! It was funny because he kept asking me who took the photos! When he opened the greeting card he asked me who that was on the front! He didn't even recognize me! His favorite pic is the very last one, where I'm wearing his shirt. When he read the inscription he got all teary eyed. He was very surprised, but he loves the photos!! Everyone should know how great you are! And women should do this, not just for their men, but for themselves. Sarah you really made this new chapter in our lives together special for us. You allowed me to show a side of me that I didn’t even know existed & now I can share it with the love of my life. What you do for ladies is incredible. Never give it up! You are so talented and an amazing person! Thank you for everything!!" - Mrs. C

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"Working with Sarah was an absolute dream! She was dedicated and professional from the first time we spoke. I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to pose "like a model," but Sarah made me feel like professional. I loved her passion for what she does and how she desired to make my photos everything I wanted. She was patient and put me at ease from the moment she arrived. She incorporated my nerd love for Harry Potter and made it sexy! Her dedication didn't end with the shoot. My album was breathtaking. Everything was perfect. I am so grateful we crossed paths and I had the opportunity to work with her!” - Mrs. D

“As a woman who has struggled with body image for nearly 20 years, and eating disorders on and off since high school, having boudoir photographs taken was never something I desired to do. However, this year something wonderful happened. Sarah Chatham took me to small pond at 6 in the morning, told me to swim toward a distant rock in a whimsical nightgown, and whipped out her camera. Sarah’s spirit behind her camera is that of wonderstruck, seeing beauty where her subject might not see it and drawing it out to its fullest. She was gasping as the light hit my face making the water sparkle just so. She braved the icy water to get closer and catch a unique angle, shouting out exclamations of excitement when her vision of me “flying” on the soft stones behind the sunrise came to life. I told Sarah this and I will tell you, I have never felt more beautiful than in those moments in the water, in lingerie as a gift for my husband who is so proud of my progress. And every time I look in the mirror with disappointment and feel afraid to eat, I think about those photographs. Sarah worked night and day to edit them on time for my anniversary. She made me feel comfortable during the shoot and picked out the perfect shots to help me feel proud of my body. I love her and would recommend her to any woman who is either in love with their body or wants to be. You won’t be disappointed.” - Mrs. B

"You are an amazing young lady. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to watch you work. You have a gift for making women feel special and beautiful. This was such an amazing "secret" that I can't wait to share with my hubby. I am so excited to see my photos! I just wanted you to know how very special you made me feel last weekend. I can't wait to see the photos and chat with you. It was by far the most wild thing I have ever done, but yet it spiced up my marriage so much....if he only knew.... I can hardly wait to give him his gift. Thanks again for making me feel so sexy and beautiful! You are doing an amazing thing for women." -Mrs. C