Sarah Chatham Colorado Boudoir Photographer

I believe all women  are beautiful and deserve to see their beauty through the eyes of another. The women who don't know the power of their own beauty, who look into the mirror and can't see past the stretch marks, wrinkles or other "imperfections;" Those are the women I am inspired by. Women who have dedicated their lives to their families or careers and have neglected themselves in service to others. There is so much beauty there.

Passion and love fuel my business. As women, we are constantly made to feel inadequate and that we are never able to measure up. Too often, we see what we are not  instead of all that we are. This photoshoot is an opportunity to celebrate your authentic self. The beauty, the flaws... everything.

By asking me to photograph you, letting down your guard and allowing all that you are to be captured on camera, you will transform into a self-aware, confident woman who knows the kind of power she yields.

Allow me to change the way you see yourself.



I’ve been photographing women in their skivvies since 2008 - the year I graduated college. When I told my mom what kind of photography I wanted to pursue, she gasped and questioned if it was “appropriate” (I grew up in the Midwest). Boudoir has changed a lot since I first started asking women to take off their clothes in front of my lens, but what hasn’t changed is the passion that I have for what I do. I LOVE the moment when my client looks into the mirror after having her hair and makeup done and asks “is this really me?” I LOVE the empowering conversations that I have with my clients during our time together and proving that anyone can look like she belongs on the cover of a magazine or a lingerie ad. I LOVE showing my client her beauty and also helping her to realize that beauty doesn’t define her worth.

I won’t hesitate to help you attach your garter belt to your thigh highs and I bet you money that I can crack you up by asking you to “work it” during your shoot. Not only will I be your photographer, but your professional lingerie stylist, self-love advocate, and biggest cheerleader. My goal is for you to leave your session with a new injection of confidence and belief in yourself with beautiful, classy images that will always remind you of your worthiness and this turning point in your life.


I love all things girly and outdoorsy - makeup, hiking, hunting for amazing clothing deals at consignment stores, mountain biking (slow and steady, but I get there eventually), skiing, paddle boarding, camping - I’ll try anything at least once! In my down time, you can find me chilling with my cat Gigi and man crush Nick while binging on my guiltiest pleasure - The Real Housewives of (all of them). Every year at the end of August, I disappear into the Nevada desert for a week at Burning Man to recharge my creative batteries, unplug from my devices and the real world, and test my “radical self reliance” skills. 2019 will be my 5th year attending the event and I come home with so much inspiration from Black Rock City. I’m artistically inspired by so many experiences - reading (fav books include the Alchemist, Wild, Eat - Pray - Love, and the Little Prince), being alone in the wilderness, and traveling to new and beautiful places. My degree in studio art influences all of my photo shoots, and sometimes I get the urge to pick up a paintbrush and return to my artistic roots!